Professor Kayoss is famous for his Environmental Raps.
Here are a few:

Save the World Club Rap

We live in a world moving faster and faster
Heard it so often we're bored with disaster
Governments seem to be losing their grip
Nowhere to jump from this sinking ship
The bigger the problem the smaller we feel
But the things that we do help the planet to heal


Make a change, Make a change,
Together we can make a change,

Switch off a light to save energy
Don't fill the kettle to make one cup of tea
And to recycle the paper, the metal, the glass
Stops the landfill tips filling up too fast
Avoid buying objects you don't really need
Resist the temptation of envy and greed
Don't get caught in the consumer trap
That's just part of the Save The World Club Rap

Realise the power of the individual
Remember that love is a special tool
We're knocking down our Berlin Wall
Don't obey no special rule
The planet is sending a rallying call

By losing that conformist mould
You follow your heart, not what you're told
Thousands of people throughout the land
Doing their thing and making a stand
Actions and deeds that free the mind
Get rid of those thoughts of a guilty kind

Nurture the earth with a velvet glove
Coming up from below on a wave of love
This changeover is moving fast
This ain't fashion, it's going to last
By being part of this solution
You join in the planetary revolution
So love the world for all its worth
Between us we will save the earth

Cycle Rap-ture 
Weaving through traffic strikes terror in your heart
Car drivers break all the rules for a start
A blinding rush to get from A to B
What’s on the roads is anarchy
Rob us of land and our clean air
Half the time don’t even know you’re there
Then there’s the driver in a different place
Listening to his heavy bass
Across the white line, a bit out of his head
That sort of action leaves hundreds dead
Doesn’t even take his hands off the phone
Tearing at you all alone
Heading for the twilight zone
Kind of left his brain at home
Ride around like they’re all mad
And you’ll survive - it’s not too bad
Use instinct not what is said
You then get skilful , not end up dead
Tho’ sometimes it’s so scary your pants get wet
For the future of the planet we’ll beat them yet
So while those fools in the jams they sit
You’re way ahead and keeping fit
For transport it’s really cheap
Whilst drivers’ bills are always steep
Sitting still they fantasize
Taken in by all the lies
Another lane on the motorway
Makes cars go fast like the adverts say
Yes we leave them sitting all frustrated
Whilst we’re up front with transport underrated
And suddenly we’re on our own
Down a back street all alone
Drifting along while the pedals turn
Feeling the freedom our spirits yearn
Cycle and rider seem as one
This well-being’s a lot of fun
See - riding a bike is a bit like life
Dodging and weaving to avoid strife
When you whizz down a hill you truly fly
Wild cycling sensations get you high
Most of the time it’s joking and larking
And always a guarantee of free parking
Eight bikes go in one car’s space
Sixteen hundred to a gallon puts a smile on our face
Why drive and be grim whilst to ride is all smiles
Half the cars journeys are less than two miles
So riding a bike helps the air and the land
Which is why you must join us, not just make a stand
A woman or a man, a lad or a lass
Come and join us on the Critical Mass*
We’re not asking for equality
But for the sake of our ecology
We’ve got to have priority.


1.             We are moving to a future that’s a lot more fun
With a new ball game called Agenda 21
2.             The world got together, our prospects to talk
And slow down the waste from a run to a walk
3.             We’ve cruised to the edge and now we are learning
How to change course, the ship is now turning
4.             To the summit in Rio from all over the globe
From suits to tribes in native robe
5.             Didn’t talk about a global fix
It’s all becoming a fantastic mix
6.             With music and culture on continental drift
An information explosion we’ve only just sniffed
7.             We’re moving towards a homogenous blend
So other agreements came out in the end
8.             The world voted on a common solution
To greatly encourage wealth distribution
9.             So the poor can help by being involved
When we all get together, most problems are solved
10.           Get opinions and comments from all walks of life
Cooperation, not agitation and strife
11.           No longer shooting from the hips
What’s needed now is partnerships
12. So if some adopt a non-conformist mould
Encourage them for being so bold
13.           Because there’s hardship and adversity
The time is here to celebrate diversity
14. Some choose to be nomads or go back to their root
Give them love and support - don’t persecute
15.           We’re moving towards a new global fashion
Based on love, tolerance and compassion
16.           Changing the system without a fight
Hitting it head on increases its might
17.           Wealth without soul is a short-sighted style
Get together with others, it’s much more worthwhile
18.           So if some things aren’t good in 
               your neighbourhood
Work with others and the council to save that wood
19.           So get involved and don’t do things by halves
Very often it’s a bundle of laughs
20.           Concerned citizens is where the true power lies
Sharing knowledge is where the decisions are wise
21.           A new age has really just begun
All from Agenda 21

Christmas Wrap

Christmas comes but once a year
 It fills the punter’s heads with fear
On a buying spree we are forced to swarm
No questions asked - it is just the norm.
Where is the feeling of elation and joy
That should come to every girl and boy
In debit we go - unable to bank it
It often ends up a terrible panic
Doesn’t mean anything any more
Seeming none but a terrible chore
To match relations to gifts is just a duty
The spirit of Christmas has lost its beauty
And look at the items there for sale
All so useless- makes the face go pale
Things break off - the electrics fail
What’s on the rack is off the rail
Commodities are just a game
Five minute wonders - they’re all the same
Makes you wonder where it’s leading to
This obsession for buying new
The planet gets sick - that’s another tale
Haven’t got time to save the whale
So let’s now play a different tune
And look at the way that we consume
If the shops and stores want to sell you pap
Get your gifts through this Christmas rap
I have worked out a brand new way
So simple you don’t even have to pay
Yes cover your gifts in this Christmas rap
Cover your gifts in this Christmas rap
Cover your gifts in this Christmas rap
Cover your gifts in this Christmas rap
Yo! Ho Ho Ho
Just think of Christmas every day
When you work and when you play
It’s amazing what people throw away
"Rescue it!" is what I say
They chuck it out if there’s a change of trend
Or if it needs a little mend
Open your eyes when you’re going around
You might see a black sack on the ground
Have a good rummage, don’t be shy
If you find something good you’ll realise why
It’s a new way to shop - do it at your leisure
The things that you find could fill you with pleasure
Yes, but what do other people think?
Remember the planet is on the brink
The truth of the matter, and it’s a fact
You’re doing a socially useful act
When sometimes upon a whim
You end up standing in a bin
And someone gets shocked - just get them clued
You’re taking a different attitude
"I recycle this to help the world
A sustainable future will break the mould
By putting it back into circulation
It helps the planet and it helps the nation
As garbage dumped upon the land
We’ve already got more than we can stand
With greenhouse gas blown into the air
It’s a dead end street - it’s just not fair
Although this treasure’s pretty small
Compared to landfill it’s trivial
Look at the bins and skips and you’ll see how
It’s not only me - it’s a movement now"
So avoid the end of season sap
Throughout the year make a gap
Gifts arrive upon your lap
Don’t get caught in the seasonal trap
Stops you buying all the crap
Another feather in your cap
Put yourself onto the map
Plenty of time to have a nap
Never more you’ll have to schlep
When you cover your gifts in this Christmas wrap

A poem to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Save the World Club
The Save the World Club started small
With hardly anyone at all
A few people struggling to make a change
Saving the world was our range
Too many problems at the same time
Seemed like an endless uphill climb
But one day in our wellies, cleaning pollution
Was writ in the muck another solution
There's six of us here having some fun
Clearing the trash and enjoying the sun
But if it’s all of the fish that we're trying to save
We've got to grow from a few to a blinding rave
If there were thousands of people doing a bit
We'd clear it all in just one hit
And we realised that was all it takes
Everyone joins for all our sakes!
The hot summers came and all the storms blew
And the news on the environment came filtering through
And more people joined up every week
Especially with the reactor leak
Taking bottles and papers to the local banks
Extra lagging on the hot water tanks
Most people joined in some kind of way
Moving towards solutions some day
On the runaway waste train we've put on the brakes
And now you can see what a difference it makes
The recycling pile is twice as high
As three years ago - helped by what we buy
We're spending more money on used again stuff
So we're saving some forests, and if that weren't enough
The rivers are getting their fishes again
Through more friendly soaps bought by women and men
It's come along fine, but as we all know
We've still got quite a long way to go
So if you know anyone who is not yet a member
Point out these things if you can remember
There are other ways of joining the troupe
By being part of a campaign or group
Or going out to show that you really care
Whether they're putting a motorway there
So to make things better we have to make a fuss
The future depends on all of us
Don't believe all you read in the tabloid pages
Find out the truth from wise people and sages

We Are All Members Now

Oh dear; What are we to do

Now we are here in 2002

We were told that things will get much better

We are battered by wind; our socks are much wetter

And everything is getting more extreme

Even opinions if you know what I mean

Everyone always standing their ground

Working on theories that are not always sound

Forever convinced that they're always right

It's the principle they are prepared to fight

Until the whole thing ends up in tears

And buildings collapse which increases our fears

And despite what politicians on their podium sing

None of this seems to change anything

But what is the point of winning a war

If there's not going to be any air any more

Or the sun is too strong when it burns down on us

Because of our failure to get on a bus

To carry our lives like there's no future

Bury our heads in the latest computer

When we should be helping to cure the earth

For the children of which our Mothers give birth

Lets give them a future on this our terrain

Put the whole earth under less of a strain

Not really the others that are making the mess

But maintaining our life-style is helping the stress

We're seduced with the things that produce the pollution

Lets do what we can to create a solution

That means doing your bit without any doubt

That's what Save The World Club's all about

Not a platform for the environmentalist

We've all got guilty tattooed on our wrist

Don't stay on the treadmill just going around

We'll all be united by respecting our ground

Don't leave it to your mother, father, sister or son

The world needs us all; that's everyone!


The whole world changed, or so they say

When 9/11 came our way


It came as a jolt for human kind

But of the cause we seem completely blind


It changed the history of our world

But don’t believe all you’ve been told


It’s a story we just can’t buy

Some amateur pilots in the sky


Do you think those planes are so easy to steer

It’s all designed to increase our fear


The quick collapse of each twin tower

Airline fuel doesn’t have that power


Watch the film – it’s there for all

Building seven straight down in freefall


Could a building fall with one small blaze?

You tell to the people and their eyes start to glaze


The truth is there for all to see

Incendiary dust a significant key


We seem to have become the collective fool

Fire wrecked towers don’t collapse as a rule


Why, none had fallen before that time

Burning infernos but the steel stayed fine


The newsreel gives us this hint

The buildings fall in their own footprint


And the plane that hit the Pentagon

A commercial airline just seems wrong


Lots of fire and many sparks

8 ton engines that leave no marks


We must wake up and smell thermite

If we want to make our future bright


 Apprehend the ones who lied

We owe it to all those who died


We need a new Woodward and Bernstein to rock the boat

The internet is the new deep throat


That world is ruled by a very small crowd

Although they work in silence, they’re influence is loud


It won’t be long before they lose their crown

It’s THEIR world that’s falling down


Can’t fool all, all the time

The truth is clear – look on line!


Close to getting the riddle solved

If you want to see justice, GET INVOLVED!

Do you want a world that's run by crooks?

Spying on our lives through the nooks

Who treat us like we're disposable toys

Playing with victims like excitable little boys

Get angry! Get angry! Get angry! then Stop!

Take a deep, deep breath - don't pick up a rock

See what it is that is making a change

Turning around is within our range

The internet for collective voice

Making revolutions through a common choice

And creating a difference on the ground

A common purpose is being found

Working for the cause of all humanity

Finding the truth will set us free!

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