Who is Professor Kayoss?

Professor Kayoss is a master of the dustbin, the skip, the yard sale, the school jumble, the odd looking pile of stuff in the road.

With one of his great heroes - on his 88th birthday!

He is an entertainer, artist, poet, rapper, sculptor, archivist, enabler and an inspiring educator of the recycling and environmental message. In October 2003 he was invited to 10 Downing Street to meet the Prime Minister in recognition of his work.

Glastonbury and Lily Allen

His music, wacky bicycles and inventive comedy shows have made him well known and loved in the UK Festival scene. He has performed at Glastonbury every year since it began and in 2014 he is featured in the Lily Allen video, "As long as I got you" as his Mister Green persona. Created Glastonbury's famous Green Police. He is the founding Chairman of the Kingston Green Fair, the UK’s largest one day Green Event. 

Professor Kayoss can fix anything. If it can be fixed he will fix it. Professor Kayoss is also an electrician, mechanic, welder, bonder, stitcher and carpenter. Professor Kayoss prides himself on minimal purchasing with maximum recycling.

Professor Kayoss can find anything. If the R&R world has it, he will know how to find it. Prof Kayoss has supplied half a tonne of usable items to the Kingston College of Art for degree sculpture courses.


Along with the local children of Kingston Professor Kayoss made an album of raps. Download the ‘Save the World Club Rap‘  (Right click on song title and save to your desktop). You can read the lyrics here.

Specialises in environmental shows and cycle displays
Here's a 2 minute promo with a bit of the show and cycle display;