Glastonbury Festival

Des has worked at Glastonbury Festival since 1979.
He started the GREEN POLICE in 1985 for Red Nose Day and had a small team there
the following year to encourage recycling.

For five years from 2003 there was a large team of 150 or so to successfully stop people peeing in the streams.
Des wrote a poem that was filmed and projected at all the stages between acts:
Performing the poem on the ground at 2017 Festival:

Glasto Poem

Before you go and have a pee

Wait a minute and listen to me

We’re here in the country on Michael’s Farm

And emptying bladders can cause much harm

So please could you pee in the proper place

Even if you’re off your face

You know the World is getting hot

And we got to start to change a lot

Well how about you change right now

You can do it – You know how

Let’s try to keep the place more clean

The time has come to change the scene

Callous dumping of your trash

Costs us loads in wasted cash

Put your cans in the proper bin

Get this right and we all win

And another thing, if they get wet

Spliffs and butts are a toxic threat

We’ve really got to get involved

If we’re gonna see this problem solved

We’re all part of the human race

Now’s the time. Get on the case!

Saving the world is nothing less

Than clearing up if we make a mess

Some pictures from Glasto over the years including Pyramid Stage appearances