Rock the Boat!

30 minute show. Story below:

Single Dad living by the sea. Isolated house by the waters edge. Two children 8 and 10? Dad good to his kids. Loves them dearly and they very much love him. He has always loved water hence living by the sea. Also has a job making disposable plastic water bottles and kids learning about ocean waste problem through their friends on social media but Dad thinks it's simply not true. Says "President of US doesn't believe it, but oldest says "Come on Dad, President can hardly string a sentence together- let alone have a sensible thought about anything."
Dad thinks the world is fine and everything is ok and throws old drink bottles 
into the sea because it's the easy option, saves money on garbage disposal and finds it good exercise slinging it all in. Children try to stop him by telling him about Ocean plastic waste problem they've just learned about, but Dad says not true. Two thirds of world is water that could easily sort out "our small amount" without making any difference.
Children decide to see for themselves and put on flippers and goggles - Goggle it!
(Open up the cloth - children under it - Velcro cloth together)
(Then children come out and on top of cloth with bottle prop sweeping over them.)
Take off flippers etc. And tell Dad about hundreds of bottles and plastic rubbish under water. Dad doesn't believe it. Says you must have dreamt it. "Watching too many Netflix disaster movies "
Kids say we've got a flat pack boat to go and see for himself but Dad doesn't want to go out right now.
Very next day, Dad hears about a big hurricane that swept over the East coast with news saying once in a  lifetime disaster, but set Dad thinking "There was a similar hurricane near there last year" Goes out to the sea and sits there whilst it gets dark.
(Musical interlude whilst turning cloth is choreographed.)
Falls asleep and has dream about mermaids coming up from the sea with his used drinks bottles and passes them to him.
Dad says to kids come on let's go out so they put boat together and take it out in night water. Looks beautiful with all stars reflected.
Suddenly a storm brews up and boat starts to rock and sea gets rougher and rougher and bottles come up and shake around and water calms again with bottles floating on surface.
Boat gets back to shallows and family gets out and Dad has revelation to change his life to help the planet get better again.
In the near future they have invented a special pop up apparatus to be given to all who go down to the sea. (Pop it open and Velcro together, and get children picking up bottles and putting them in net)
THE END! (Or a new beginning?)