Contact and personal profile

Des Kay

4 Crescent Road

07962 231 830

Personal Profile:


  • 25 years campaigning on environmental issues.


  • Founded “Save the World Club”, award winning environmental charity in 1985. Won best new charity in 2002 and Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service.

            Much voluntary outreach work for the charity including recycling workshops and performances.


  • Performed ‘Agenda 21’ eco-rap before Deputy Commissioner of the EU at Hanover Sustainable Future Conference, 2000.  Written and performed many environmental raps.


  • Co-founded Kingston Green Fair, Britain’s largest one day environmental event and lead the team that ran it successfully for 21 years with 10,000 attendees per event.

            Designed the posters and programmes using Photoshop and planned the layout.


  • Invited to meet British Prime Minister Tony Blair at Downing Street in 2006 for services to the environment.


  • Accomplished kinetic artist who has kinetic assemblages that have been exhibited in galleries and public places around the country.

           Organised a critically acclaimed art exhibition of own work in May last year in Kingston’s historic Market House.


  • Started the Green Police at Glastonbury Festival in 1988 to encourage revelers to be eco conscious in their partying. Expanded to 150 members. Performed for Green Police on the Pyramid Stage for four years running.

            Wrote and perform a three minute eco-rap which is shown on the main stages between acts.


  • High profile bicycle displays seen at events and demos. Challenged Metropolitan Police as to legitimacy of Critical Mass London rides through to Law Lords who voted unanimously in our favour. 


  • Voluntary work for Refugee Action Kingston.


  • Board member of Kingston Community Furniture.


  • Founding committee member of London Community Reuse Network


  • Awarded first South London Guardian Newspapers Green Champion in South London 2006