"Rescued" Exhibition

Des Kay gave away £5,000 of goods at his Art Exhibition

Des Kay’s art installation; “Rescued” opened on Monday May 3rd 2010, 11am – 6pm for three weeks until May 23rd at The Market House, Market Place, Kingston upon Thames.

Rescued” was a huge display of artefacts rescued from certain burial in landfill sites representing several years of collecting and compiling these discarded objects. These are set out as an art installation in Kingston’s historic Market House, recently closed as the tourist information centre due to council cuts.

On the last weekend (May 22-23) he hosted THE GREAT GIVEAWAY when approx. £5,000 of found treasures were available for the public to help themselves. Fill a DESIGNER BAG with any number of DESIGNER CLOTHES and other prizes!

The Exhibition drew attention as to how we carelessly waste items we have purchased with little thought about the environmental consequences of such an action.

All items in the Exhibition came from the now defunct "Monkey House" workshop/warehouse. Just before it was disbanded, two art students from Kingston University compiled an inventory of a corner (about one fiftieth of the property) and listed 3,500 items! See  http://www.frednorth.co.uk/index.php?/project/dez-kays-collection-a-teaser/  for their account and pictures.

Here is a 3 1/2 minute guided tour round the exhibition;